SP-5 EPS Sandwich panel machine

SP-5 Sandwich panel machine
  • The Sandwich Panel Line consists of the un-coiler, one layer roll forming machine, feeding table for EPS panel, mixed-glue spraying, heating and pressurizing system, grooving, laminator, automatic plastic film coating device, pneumatic clamping device, automatic cutting, product stacker, etc; EPS colored steel wall panels or EPS colored steel roof panel can be produced in just one-time, and the Corrugated Roll Forming Machine and the Sandwich Panel Laminator can work independently;
  • The transmission of the sandwich panel laminator uses worm-worm gear transmission system, ensuring that lamination speed is stable and lamination is uniform;
  • The sandwich panel laminator uses the frequency regulator to automatically cut according to the pre-set sandwich panel length;
  • The sandwich panel laminator uses rubber-coated roller type laminator to protect the color paint on the colored steel as well as during the pressurizing of the sandwich panel;
  • The sandwich panel laminator has a high quality and thick wall rectangular steel welding method, and to get rid of the rust, polishing, smoothing and aging treament;
  • The recommended core materials for Sandwich Panel: EPS Panels, PU Panels and XPS Panels,The thickness of final panel is from 40-200mm;

SP-5 EPS/Mineral Wool/Glass Wool Sandwich Panel can be used in a large color steel sandwich panel, central air conditioning, building wall material, cold storage, cold rooms, incubators, chemical tanks and other fields.

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