Pressing machine

Pressing machine Pressing machine Pressing machine
  • 1. The frame is made of high quality steel welded thick-walled, high strength and deformation characteristics of small, two-track chain plate with the overall welding, CNC machining, high strength, surface flatness and other characteristics.
  • 2. The entire chain plate bearing rolling friction drive, driven shaft of the track can be adjusted up or loosen tight.
  • 3. by a hydraulic cylinder is raised and lowered on the track pitch up and down track for 40mm-200mm. Flanked by lifting guide mechanism.
  • 4. The sides of the nylon stopper can be based on different plate width adjustment, adjust the spacing of 600mm-1200mm; spiral gear reducer plus variable frequency synchronous motor synchronous drive up and down, can be realized on the chain plate synchronous operation control.
  • 5.Host speed at 0-8.8M / min, can stepless frequency control; both sides of the stoppers used to seal the sandwich, by adjusting the three-phase motor control and guide the moving speed of sheet width stopper, and through digital display on each side of a set of motion guide mechanism according to the thickness of the sheet of customer requirements, we provide the appropriate form factor design nylon stopper.
  • 6. The two-track master control regulation control operation by PLC programming and panel.
  • 7. ancillary equipment set electric heating systems, hot air for heating the upper and lower track.

Polyurethane insulation panels can be used in a large color steel sandwich panel, central air conditioning, building wall material, cold storage, cold rooms, incubators, chemical tanks and other fields.


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