Coated EPS production line

Coated EPS production line
  • The flame retardant materials of coated EPS are classified into two categories: organic and inorganic.The color of final products are divided into red and gray ;
  • The coating system consists of automatic fire-retardant material mixing and feeding machine, coating machine, dryer, screening machineetc. It featured with automatically precise control, automatically continuous generation, uniform coating, fast efficient, aenvironmental and energy saving;
  • The retardant materials mixing system and coating systemand are using two different formulations of fire-retardant materials;
  • The coating system are spraying the mixed and accratue measured retardant materials on EPS beads to achieve fire retardant performance;
  • Drying system is already covered EPS foam coated dried grain transportation, caking particle separation and recovery of part of the off dust.
Items Type/Unit EPSBM6000V/H EPSBM8000V/H
Mould Size mm 6120×1230×1050 8110×1240×1040
Mould Vol m3 7.96 10.46
Products Density/Proportion kg/m3 6-40 6-40
Production Capacity block/h 4-12 3-11
Steam Pressure Mpa 0.6 0.6
Steam Inlet DN mm 150 150
Air-compressed Inlet DN mm 50 65
Air-Compressed Power kw 30 30
Voltage v 380 380
Control Mode   Automatic Automatic
Structural Features   Hydraulic Sliding-door Vacuum Cooling Hydraulic Sliding-door Vacuum Cooling
Control System   PLC with Touch Screen PLC with Touch Screen
Max. Contour Size Mm 14000×4000×3000 16000×4000×3000
Machine Weight Tons 17 20
Automatic Feeding Device   Supplied Supplied
Electronic Weight   Supplied Supplied
Printing   Optional Optional

EPS products is widely used in packaging industry,food industry,safety industry, building industry,crystallised eps products。


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